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Efficacy and surgical services

When developing medical devices however simple or complex, you need a trusted lab partner with deep experience in experimental surgery solutions.

Conduct your study to meet GLP or non-GLP standards

Leverage our full suite of specialized imaging equipment and six built-for-purpose operating suites

Two, state-of-the-art surgical facilities located within the bay area of California and Boston/Cambridge region of New England

What are efficacy and surgical services?

In preclinical medical device development, efficacy and surgical services provide a clearer determination that your device performs as intended and is safe for patient use. You can also conduct therapy delivery systems and implantable medical device research. Labcorp offers multiple built-for-purpose operating rooms (ORs) across both bicoastal accredited facilities, which makes it easier and more efficient to get your devices properly tested and ready for the next stage of development. Gain valuable insights with the surgical testing that provides the clarity you need by using one of our built-for-purpose ORs.

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Exploring possibilities

Whether you want to confirm your device’s efficacy or elevate your bioskills and cadaver training, surgical services are a key part of a development program.

Our team includes dedicated surgical specialists who can perform a full range of studies and analyses as well as provide physician and field team training. From consultancy on surgical methods and animal model development to experimental surgery, we’ll collaborate with you to assess the unique needs of each device or combination product. 

Our efficacy and surgical solutions includes:

  • Protocol and procedural development
  • Animal modeling and tissue studies
  • Industry-leading imaging capabilities
  • Operating room and anesthesia support
  • Discovery in vivo surgery
  • Safety assessments
  • Six state-of-the-art surgical OR suites
  • Open-ended implant objectives
  • Comprehensive reporting (including GLP report)

For Training:

  • Physician/field team training and consulting
  • Surgical bioskills and training
  • Bioskills and cadaver studies and simulations
  • Secure live-streaming capabilities of OR for more inclusive and expansive virtual training

Surgical Operating Rooms Equipped with the Best-in-Class Technology You Can Rely on

 Philips Allura cath lab

  • Fluroscopy
    •  2 OEC 9800
    • 1 OEC 9900
  •  2 GE Vivid iq® ultrasound (2)
    • 4D TEE, ICE
    • Transthoracic
  • 1 Endoscopic Tower
  • 1 Laparoscopic Tower 
Image from our San Carlos Lab. Many medical professionals surrounding a table

Keep your device moving forward with leveraging our extensive expertise.


Decades of experience in experimental surgery, consultancy & training, various study types and more 


Vet Techs


Full-Time Veterinarians


Supporting Surgical Staff Members 


built-for-purpose operating rooms with secure live-streaming capabilities*

*Secure live-streaming available in our San Francisco, CA area location only

Explore our surgical Centers of Excellence 

Compare the capabilities of our bicoastal locations and see how we drive tireless support for your device’s specialty. 


East Coast – Boston/Cambridge Areas
(Bedford, Ma.)
West Coast – San Francisco Area
(San Carlos, CA)

Therapeutic Center of Excellence

Orthopedics Cardiovascular

Specialized surgical services

  • Critical bone defect study capacity
  • Spinal fusion studies
  • ACL repair studies
  • Bone implant studies
  • Larger and small in vivo studies 
  • Interventional cardiovascular offerings
  • Larger in vivo studies
  • Training Center w/secure streaming connection and capabilities for live views of surgical operations

In vivo services performed at both locations

  • EKG
  • Mobile fluoroscopy
  • Ultrasound, endoscopy and digital X-ray imaging
  • Hematology and hemodynamic analysis
  • Brain, vascular and other implant studies
  • Placement of nerve stimulators
  • Laser study treatments
  • Complex image analysis
  • Bioskills training and custom modeling
  • Physician training
  • Cadaver capabilities
  • Calvarial defects
  • Visceral adhesion
  • Hernia repair
  • Arthrotomies

We know that your medical device or combination product has the potential to bring greater outcomes to patients in need. That’s why we share your mission to advance your medical devices and combination products with a sense of urgency. Whatever your goals and milestones, we’ll help you reach them on time. From developing clear roadmaps to communicating proactively, we work with speed and efficiency at every turn to keep pace with your important milestones.   

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Together, we can give your device a healthy start. Let’s start the conversation.

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